BA Archives

Hi, welcome to โ€œThe Archivesโ€œ. If you are seeing this page it means that you probably are trying to see one of my old projects that is no longer being worked on or supported. Below you can find some old resources I still have up for archival / historical purposes.

Below Average Minecraft Server

The โ€œBelow Average Minecraft Serverโ€ was a survival, creative, plots, mini-game, and faction based server that ran from 2012-2015. The server has been shut down.

  • Download the map by emailing: [email protected]
  • Watch the server trailer here.
  • Join our โ€œreunionโ€ discord by clickingย here.


mcDash (Minecraft Dashboard) was a PHP powered community / dashboard for keeping tabs on activities happening on the Minecraft server live from the web.

  • Source code can be found here.

Who’s Online?

The Whoโ€™s Online PHP script was a page that queried a Minecraft server and then displayed a list of players currently online on that Minecraft server.

  • Source code can be found here.