Super Grate USMT GUI

Get ready to move.

Super Grate is a free & open source Windows User Profile backup & migration utility.

🏆 What's so great about Super Grate?


Easy to tweak, easy to configure. Make Super Grate work for you by changing one of the many configurable settings!

Works Remotely

Are all your computers joined to an Active Directory domain? Super Grate will be able to perform Migrations & Backups over the network!

Non Disruptive

Tired of working around users' schedules? With Super Grate, the user will not even notice their profile is being Migrated or Backed up!


Super Grate can also be installed to a network share drive allowing all Super Grate users to experience the same settings and Backup Store.


Enjoy Super Grate on most flavors of "Windows" from Windows 7 to Windows 11.


Install Super Grate directly to an external hard drive or thumb drive to take it with you on the go!


Nothing is left behind with Super Grate. Files, Media, Contacts, Emails, Windows Settings, Program Data & Internet Settings are all accounted for.


Super Grate along with other Super Suite utilities will always be free to download and use!

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