Dylan Bickerstaff

Super Grate v1.4.0.0 Released

? Announcing: Super Grate ? ? Refreshed UI: Super Grate has undergone a design makeover! Experience a refreshed, sleek user interface ensures a visually delightful journey. ? Language Localization: Your language, your way. Super Grate introduces language localization, bringing you closer to the tool starting with English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese. ? Feature Drop: Browse […]

Super Grate v1.4.0.0 Released

Super Grate v1.3.5.0 Released

Added Google Chrome / MS Edge Support. Added Download Folder Support. Updated USMT. To update an existing installation of Super Grate, download the new exe, replace the old exe, and open new Super Grate. Once open, enter the settings menu and select ScanStateParameters and LoadStateParameters and select “Default” on each one, then save the changes.Lastly,

Super Grate v1.3.5.0 Released

Super Grate v1.3.3.0 Released

Added features: Added CLI parameters to auto-fill the Source / Destination computer. #62 Added text to progress bar to show a percentage. #59 Other improvements: Embedded license file for offline reading. Removed Windows-API-CodePack dependency. Removed Fody-Weavers dependency. Updated USMT: You may want to open settings and change the USMT folder so that Super Grate will download the latest

Super Grate v1.3.3.0 Released