• Super Grate v1.3.0.0 Released

    Super Grate underwent a visual overhaul! Introducing columns … … Icons … … Property Windows … … Check for Updates … … and more! Commits in this release: 6a94fd2 Removed unnessesary namespace. d51ea7e Fixes #50 7a710fa Fixes #46 2256687 Fixes #52 [ #51 ] 112377d Quick fix. 4e3b1a7 Registry is all gone! c5f59f6 Migrating away from RemoteRegistry calls to WMI calls. f28e925 Added SSL / TLS settings…

  • Super Grate v1.2.0.0 Released

    Today we released Super Grate version, below are the features and fixes new in this release: Added settings menu Added additional settings Auto Delete From Store / Source Dump Log On Exit Built In SID Filter USMT Custom Path Custom Remote Payload Path Dump Log On Exit Option Added Auto USMT Download Feature Added…

  • Super Grate v1.1.0.0 Released

    Added Non-Domain Joined PC support. Added computer name auto-fill buttons.

  • Super Grate v1.0.0.0 Released

    Today we are releasing the first working version of Super Grate.

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