Super Grate

Super Grate v1.3.5.0 Released

Added Google Chrome / MS Edge Support. Added Download Folder Support. Updated USMT. To update an existing installation of Super Grate, download the new exe, replace the old exe, and open new Super Grate. Once open, enter the settings menu and select ScanStateParameters and LoadStateParameters and select “Default” on each one, then save the changes.Lastly, …

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Super Grate v1.3.3.0 Released

Added features: Added CLI parameters to auto-fill the Source / Destination computer. #62 Added text to progress bar to show a percentage. #59 Other improvements: Embedded license file for offline reading. Removed Windows-API-CodePack dependency. Removed Fody-Weavers dependency. Updated USMT: You may want to open settings and change the USMT folder so that Super Grate will download the latest …

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How to run Microsoft USMT remotely over a network connection

Microsoft USMT (User State Migration Tool) is a proven and powerful tool that allows a PC administrator to package a Windows Account Profile into a single file to be moved to another PC or backed up. One of the main benefits of this tool is that profiles are moved safely and includes all settings, files, …

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Super Grate v1.3.2.0 Released

Fixes bug where Super Grate concatenates the file path when copying to the remote Super Grate directory causing USMT manifest files to not be loaded correctly. Changes: 6709aff Fixes #58 This list of changes was auto generated.

Super Grate v1.3.1.0 Released

New Feature! Restore a user profile with a new username and or domain! Changes: cb80857 Added user renaming support. d297299 Fixed icon issue where invisible menu items icons index was not offset correctly. 0ef2e3f Added target nt account store property. 63dccdc Removed updater. dd81874 Add files via upload 3d9272d Add files via upload 581a962 Create FUNDING.yml f5fef5b Add files via upload 43896fc Updated USMT …

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Super Grate v1.3.0.0 Released

Super Grate underwent a visual overhaul! Introducing columns … … Icons … … Property Windows … … Check for Updates … … and more! Commits in this release: 6a94fd2 Removed unnessesary namespace. d51ea7e Fixes #50 7a710fa Fixes #46 2256687 Fixes #52 [ #51 ] 112377d Quick fix. 4e3b1a7 Registry is all gone! c5f59f6 Migrating away from RemoteRegistry calls to WMI calls. f28e925 Added SSL / TLS settings …

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